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You want to THRIVE and live in the PRESENT MOMENT. You want to CREATE THE REALITY YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED through CREATIVE LIFESTYLE HABITS.You want to tap into that hidden, CREATIVE POTENTIAL that is ready to be UNLEASHED to the world. When your inner voice, your intuitive heart --- YOUR creative genius --- is nourished and pampered, you know you can create profound changes in your LIFE that is the art.

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creatively Fit Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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Mixed Media Painting Tutorial - Using Acrylic Medium

Hello Creative Soul,

Can you believe that we're half-way through the year? I hate to sound cliche, but sheesh, time flies, doesn't it? Add to that, photos of graduation ceremonies from family and friends have been filling my day (and so and so's baby isn't a baby anymore!), Father's Day is just around the corner, and SOLSTICE is ready to greet us with open arms.

Soooo much to celebrate!!

Well, if you happen to find yourself craving some down-time, be sure to catch the next episode of Creative Rituals TV where I share some simple steps on how to use acrylic medium for mixed media application. (WOW, that was a mouthful!!)

There are a ton of uses and applications for acrylic medium (as well as a wide variety of fluid mediums to choose from), so I really just wanted to start with the basics for those who are new to mixed media techniques. If you're a pro, here's lovely reminder to clock in some self-care studio time and create for the sake of satisfying your soul.

As with life, being a master artist is all about finding the wisdom in those simple, quiet moments, yes?

Cheers to making it half-way through 2019...I hope you enjoy this episode of Creative Rituals TV!! What else would you like to see in upcoming episodes? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. xoxo


Ready for Deep + Artistic Connection as a Certified Creatively Fit Coach?

creatively fit coaching certification water element painting by certified creatively fit coach desiree east


Dearest Creative Souls,

I hope this finds you well, and that you have finally settled into a nice groove for 2018!


I'd LOVE to hear what you've been working on, so when you're feeling inspired, please COMMENT BELOW and let me know how I could support you!


If you haven't heard yet, I myself, have been slowly waking up from the winter slumber and have been working on a pretty deep and meaningful creative project behind the scenes.

Lucky Cat has been knocking at my door and so I've been painting my heART out and connecting with my most precious of muses (who is my beautiful 2yo daughter) and journeying through the world of creating of Oracle Decks. Art + two favorite things!!

And after having coming down from from the entrepreneurial high that was the Fearless Launching Live Retreat with the smart, beautiful and genius of a woman that is Anne Samoilov, I also have other ideas brewing in my head about how we (meaning you and I and our circle of creative soul sisters) could get together and paint this year.

Yes, online, and I'm also thinking of hosting something in person...something along the lines of having a LIVE painting retreat on the coast...ooooooh!

(Did I just say that out loud?...The planning part is still in its infancy stage, so I will certainly keep you posted!).


I am excited to announce to you that I am a new contributing artist to Whitney Freya’s Vision Quest and Creatively Fit Coaching Online Program.

Whitney asked me to film an instructional video for the WATER module of Vision Quest (you journey through the 4 elements in your Vision Quest with her) and I had a BLAST creating the video and sharing my own personal painting practice.

I wanted to recommend that you learn more about Whitney’s upcoming Creatively Fit Coaching Certification (starting February 15th, 2018) and Vision Quest (starting 2.22) by connecting with her in TWO really fun ways!

Life Artist Master Class with Whitney Freya - Desiree East

#1 Join Whitney’s NEW + FREE Life Artist Master Class in her online classroom HERE. This is a super fun and simple 5 Step 5 Symbol Journey into YOU living ABUNDANTLY! I’ve loved it and know you will too!

#2 Register for one of Whitney’s upcoming informational webinars where she is sharing more details about the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification. This was a life changer for me and I can’t recommend it enough!

I will be sitting in with Whitney on Saturday, 03 February 2018, at 11:00 AM Pacific, so please register if you have any questions for me!

REGISTER here for that webinar:

sacred symbol workshop sb 2013 - whitney

Whitney and I are united in our shared passion for what is POSSIBLE. We both know that developing creative confidence is vital to creating change in our lives.

Please let me know if you have any other questions for me about Whitney’s training. I would be so happy to help in any way!


Paint Your Way to Cosmic Bliss during this New Moon + Solar Eclipse

mandala painting meditations with desiree east Hello Dear Creative Soul,

I hope you have been enjoying your's caaah-razy how fast it's flown by!! I just wanted to give you a special invitation to paint at the canvas, especially if you feel a need to take a break from the end-of-season summer chaos.

Carve out some self-care time for YOU, my friend.

With all that has been happening in the world, this would be a perfect time to take a digital vacay and reflect upon the healing that we all crave in our hearts. I too, have been taking much needed mini-digital breaks. As much as my heart aches, I have been having challenging, yet meaningful conversations with loved ones on how we, as individuals can make a positive difference in this ever-evolving world we live.

Even though overwhelming feelings of [fill in the blank]: helplessness/apathy/fear/anger/sadness/confusion/regret/guilt,etc. might reside in our hearts (and these emotions are quite healthy to acknowledge, by the way...they are significant aspects of the healing process), we always have a choice to live from a place of LOVE.



Your heart is strong and (on a deeper, cellular level) knows peace.

Yes, we are global citizens of Mother Earth, yet healing begins from within.

When we heal our hearts, we become stronger.

When we become stronger, we reconnect with that deep peace within our hearts.

And with that deep connection to peace within our hearts, our LOVE expands, and the world will know peace.


heartpulseThe New Moon and Solar Eclipse are coming and these energetic events are powerful for healing and creativity. art

heartpulseSign up by MON August 21st and you will receive a BONUS 1-on-1 Zen Coaching session that is perfect for clearing deep emotional blocks.

heartpulseStart your creative healing journey ✨TODAY!✨Please CLICK LINK for more info:


I look forward to hearing from you...If you have any questions (or just want to say 'Hi!') please COMMENT BELOW.

Sending tons of COSMIC love your way!!

A Lovely Painting Workshop for Mom

mandala meditations with artist desiree east - square logo

Doing some last-minute shopping for Mother's Day? I just wanted to drop a quick little note and let you know that I have a special offer for all the Moms (and daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmas, doggy + cat mamas, too!!).

As an artist and new(ish) mom, I know in my heart that having a regular painting practice has been an essential tool and wonderful way to ZEN out and gain much needed peace and quiet in my life. I was thinking of all the beautiful moms in my life and thought, "If every mother had a chance to connect to that CREATIVE  and NURTURING part of herself that comes so naturally to her, but doing it at the canvas, as a gift to herself, what a beautiful gift that would be!"

If you're doing any last-minute shopping or would love to send a gift from afar, I have a very special offer just for MOMS  If you think your mom would enjoy an online creativity coaching experience with me, please hook her up!! Offer ends on May 13th, 2017 at MIDNIGHT.

I have coached women virtually from around the world, and the experience of helping women create a sacred 'studio' space in the comfort of their homes, while we connect globally has been pretty amazing.

I promise, I will LOVE her up and take very good care of her!!

Please click the link below and purchase as a gift for your mom (and if you want to treat yo' self, please do!!):

Mom's Day Gift - Mandala Meditations Painting Program

Please COMMENT BELOW if you have any questions, and I'll be in touch soon about upcoming painting sessions this summer. Creative Art Meditations was a HIT, so you'll be hearing more about that, too. Have a wonderful weekend!!

How to Create Space for the Holidays

Aloha, creative souls! So, I've been taking LOTS of breaks from the social media, as of late, especially since all of the hoopla surrounding the presidential election.

I mean, I had to. For my own sanity.

Did you hear? Someone actually called me the "c" word for mentioning my stance on racism (my stance, being that I will not tolerate it). *control-alt-delete* So, long sucka! That was the first time I've ever had to 'unfriend' a long-time friend on Facebook.


I also kind of had to take a break from all of the recent cyber sales over Thanksgiving Day weekend...oh my gosh, internet people (although, I do admit I have been guilty of this in the past). You know how in the old-school days, when you would walk out to your mailbox to check your mail, and when you opened it, ALL of the junk mail would just kind of spill out haphazardly into your hands?

Well, that's kind of what my email inbox was like, except it was my brain that was spilling haphazardly out of my ears. SO much information.

And then, all of the planning for the holidays. The shopping, the dinner parties, the travelling, the this, the that, and the other thing.

So, I've been thinking...why do we do this to ourselves? It really doesn't have to be so busy, busy, busy. Really it doesn't.

If you're willing to play, I'd love to encourage you to, simply, simplify ONE area of your life that might need some breathing space. Remember, it's perfectly okay to gracefully say, "No" to the things that don't resonate with you anymore.

Honor down-time. Less is more. Quality over quantity.

Honor this season of slowing down, turning inward, reflecting, and just being.

(And, of course, I have to add this one to the mix): 

Honor your creative spirit. Being creative is the best way to sloooooow down time. It's like time almost stops, when you get creative, doesn't it?

So, if you feel like your holiday nerves are getting to you, here are some of my fave ways to take that stress factor down a couple of notches:

1) My fave go-to: be like a hermit and do this ONE simple thing to calm the {bleep} down

2) Throw your camera phone out the window and learn some old-school camera hacks

3) Grab a bottle of wine, chill with your BFF's, and dream a little dream





chasing the bad spirits away...balinese style

following the parade. photo by desiree east How I Brought in the Balinese New Year: Part Two

Thursday, March 22nd: the eve before NYEPI 2012

After a day at the beach, we went home to get some food in our stomachs before the evening's festivities. Tonight, our goal was to see the ogoh-ogoh parade. Time to make some loud noise and chase those bad spirits away!

I whipped up some saimin. It's been our staple food, at least at home. I threw in scrambled eggs, green onions and crushed mint leaves to fancy it up. It was a quick meal, as we wanted to head out before sunset.

We had no idea what we were doing, or where to go. We just went.

My little red pay-as-you-go cellular beeped, and I checked the text message. "Hi Des, where do you want to meet?"

"I don't know, where is a good place?"

"We are driving right now...we'll let you know if we find something."

Finally, after a series of mini-texts, back and forth, a phone call comes through. "I see a huge group of people standing in line at Hardy's. I don't know why there are standing in line. But something is going on..."

moped frenzy by desiree east

So, we headed down toward Hardy's, a local market, where our friends decided to park it. (Everything in Bali is kind of word-of-mouth. No fliers, nothing online, you just have to ask around if you need any information. About anything - no really - anything.)

On our way down, we saw a large group of people dressed in Hindu attire - well, actually, half temple attire and half street clothes - and a giant purple ogoh-ogoh statue with multiple arms extending in the air.

"Oh, look...ogoh-ogoh! Stop here! Thanks, Babe." I'm such a pleasant passenger-seat driver. My husband loves it.

We found a perfect little spot to park, right behind the group. Talk about timing. They were getting ready - or actually, they were all sitting, relaxing on the ground. Traffic was still going by, but slowing down, while passerbys took quick snapshots of the statue.

ogoh ogoh with white hair. photo by desiree east

We decided to park and wait till the group decided to leave. They had to have been going somewhere, and we figured if they head down the road, they'd eventually end up at Hardy's.

So we followed them. It was pretty cool. Exciting. We have it on video. We walked down the hill, toward the bypass, following the drumming, the music, the ogoh-ogoh. Meanwhile, a plethora of mopeds and cars were still attempting to through, going the opposite direction as the parade.

It was kind of nuts, but fun and exhilarating at the same time. We came to the conclusion that they don't really close off the streets for parades. Ummmmm...kay.

As we marched behind the ogoh-ogoh, along with the mopeds and the cars, we approached one of the main traffic lights. Our village's ogoh-ogoh started to merge with the main parade on the bypass. "Look, more ogoh-ogohs!" I felt like a little kid at a Disneyland parade. Except it was different. Waaaaay different.

The group from our village turned right, and we turned left, fighting our way through a river of people and idling mopeds, to head in the opposite direction toward Hardy's. It was like swimming upstream, except instead of getting water up your nose, we were sucking in exhaust fumes.

dodging mopeds by desiree east

We finally met up with our friends at Hardy's parking lot. Yay, we made it! Their car was smoking for some reason. Go figure. Maybe it was the freon. They just got their air conditioning fixed. Oh well. Let's walk! Downstream we go...

So we walked  alongside the parade, walked through mad traffic, and followed the ogoh-ogoh madness, colorful, ginormous, statues flying high above us. We headed toward the end of the bypass in Nusa Dua - walked about a good mile, or so it seemed.

this one I like to call, 'the flying drunk one' by desiree east

At one point, I started walking through a group of people, oblivious to the fact that they were all wearing the same color T-shirts. I suddenly realized there was a giant ogoh-ogoh coming my way. Oops! The parade had suddenly come back toward our direction, and I was walking right through a group of parade people."What the...???"

You should have seen my face. I was so confused. Pure comedy.

See, this is why we need traffic control, people. You know, like traffic cones, and officers in reflective vests. Not in Bali, though. But it's okay, I kinda liked it. The chaos.

As Brendon protected me with one arm, I got pushed (gently) into some bushes in the median, while the rest of the crowd - families, kids, tourists - followed suit. Here they come...loud whistles, drums, cymbals, torches, music...and a gigantic ogoh-ogoh, flying above us. "Wait a minute, didn't I see that one already?" Oh yeah, they magically made a U-turn somewhere. That's right.

I learned later, that while carrying the ogoh-ogoh statues, they purposely stop at intersections and u-turns, and rotate the statues around in circles in order to confuse the bad spirits...??? Oh, okaaaay. Now it all made sense...

After getting our fill of seeing the brightly colored, impressively built statues, we headed back, like a herd of cows. It was a long sweaty walk back to Hardy's. The temperature doesn't drop much here in the evenings, either.

We all decided it would be a good idea to hop in one car and grab a cold beer and a grab a bite to eat. But we ended up in traffic, unknowingly getting stuck behind another ogoh-ogoh parade from another village. And then another one. To top it off, all of the warungs (small side-of -the-road eateries where you can eat local food) were pretty much shut down. After a good  45 minutes of sitting in ogoh-ogoh traffic, we finally made it back to Nusa Dua.

Was it worth all the madness? Totally.

a family enjoying the parade by desiree east

red ogoh by desiree east

flames to chase the bad spirits away  by desiree east

bright colors by desiree east

 a lion-looking one by desiree east

transformational creativity coach desiree east

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creativity Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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