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You want to THRIVE and live in the PRESENT MOMENT. You want to CREATE THE REALITY YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED through CREATIVE LIFESTYLE HABITS.You want to tap into that hidden, CREATIVE POTENTIAL that is ready to be UNLEASHED to the world. When your inner voice, your intuitive heart --- YOUR creative genius --- is nourished and pampered, you know you can create profound changes in your LIFE that is the art.

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creatively Fit Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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Ready for Deep + Artistic Connection as a Certified Creatively Fit Coach?

creatively fit coaching certification water element painting by certified creatively fit coach desiree east


Dearest Creative Souls,

I hope this finds you well, and that you have finally settled into a nice groove for 2018!


I'd LOVE to hear what you've been working on, so when you're feeling inspired, please COMMENT BELOW and let me know how I could support you!


If you haven't heard yet, I myself, have been slowly waking up from the winter slumber and have been working on a pretty deep and meaningful creative project behind the scenes.

Lucky Cat has been knocking at my door and so I've been painting my heART out and connecting with my most precious of muses (who is my beautiful 2yo daughter) and journeying through the world of creating of Oracle Decks. Art + two favorite things!!

And after having coming down from from the entrepreneurial high that was the Fearless Launching Live Retreat with the smart, beautiful and genius of a woman that is Anne Samoilov, I also have other ideas brewing in my head about how we (meaning you and I and our circle of creative soul sisters) could get together and paint this year.

Yes, online, and I'm also thinking of hosting something in person...something along the lines of having a LIVE painting retreat on the coast...ooooooh!

(Did I just say that out loud?...The planning part is still in its infancy stage, so I will certainly keep you posted!).


I am excited to announce to you that I am a new contributing artist to Whitney Freya’s Vision Quest and Creatively Fit Coaching Online Program.

Whitney asked me to film an instructional video for the WATER module of Vision Quest (you journey through the 4 elements in your Vision Quest with her) and I had a BLAST creating the video and sharing my own personal painting practice.

I wanted to recommend that you learn more about Whitney’s upcoming Creatively Fit Coaching Certification (starting February 15th, 2018) and Vision Quest (starting 2.22) by connecting with her in TWO really fun ways!

Life Artist Master Class with Whitney Freya - Desiree East

#1 Join Whitney’s NEW + FREE Life Artist Master Class in her online classroom HERE. This is a super fun and simple 5 Step 5 Symbol Journey into YOU living ABUNDANTLY! I’ve loved it and know you will too!

#2 Register for one of Whitney’s upcoming informational webinars where she is sharing more details about the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification. This was a life changer for me and I can’t recommend it enough!

I will be sitting in with Whitney on Saturday, 03 February 2018, at 11:00 AM Pacific, so please register if you have any questions for me!

REGISTER here for that webinar:

sacred symbol workshop sb 2013 - whitney

Whitney and I are united in our shared passion for what is POSSIBLE. We both know that developing creative confidence is vital to creating change in our lives.

Please let me know if you have any other questions for me about Whitney’s training. I would be so happy to help in any way!


A Lovely Painting Workshop for Mom

mandala meditations with artist desiree east - square logo

Doing some last-minute shopping for Mother's Day? I just wanted to drop a quick little note and let you know that I have a special offer for all the Moms (and daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmas, doggy + cat mamas, too!!).

As an artist and new(ish) mom, I know in my heart that having a regular painting practice has been an essential tool and wonderful way to ZEN out and gain much needed peace and quiet in my life. I was thinking of all the beautiful moms in my life and thought, "If every mother had a chance to connect to that CREATIVE  and NURTURING part of herself that comes so naturally to her, but doing it at the canvas, as a gift to herself, what a beautiful gift that would be!"

If you're doing any last-minute shopping or would love to send a gift from afar, I have a very special offer just for MOMS  If you think your mom would enjoy an online creativity coaching experience with me, please hook her up!! Offer ends on May 13th, 2017 at MIDNIGHT.

I have coached women virtually from around the world, and the experience of helping women create a sacred 'studio' space in the comfort of their homes, while we connect globally has been pretty amazing.

I promise, I will LOVE her up and take very good care of her!!

Please click the link below and purchase as a gift for your mom (and if you want to treat yo' self, please do!!):

Mom's Day Gift - Mandala Meditations Painting Program

Please COMMENT BELOW if you have any questions, and I'll be in touch soon about upcoming painting sessions this summer. Creative Art Meditations was a HIT, so you'll be hearing more about that, too. Have a wonderful weekend!!

how practicing the art of letting go gives you more freedom

Let's talk about the idea of detachment for a sec and explore what 'freedom' really means.

Just several years ago, I painted a mandala that I absolutely LOOOOOVED.

And there was this moment in the not-so-recent-past (last weekend), where I was invited to 'Rise Above' with my mentor and dear soul sister, Whitney Freya, and paint my wings (You might be familiar with the beautiful angel wings of artist Colette Miller, whose brilliant work could be seen in cities around the world, for The Global Angel Project).

I was called to paint BIG. As I looked around my studio to see what I could find, my eyes immediately rested upon my gorgeous mandala painting.

The (left-brain) thoughts started barreling into my ego was taking over...

"It's so prettttty...I don't want to ruin it.

But, I use it all the time for the background, for my video interviews...what am I going to use now??

People love that painting...I always get compliments on it..."

AND THEN my muse decided to pop in for a quick throw down:

"This is it Dez. You wanted to EXPAND to feel that sense of ABUNDANCE and's your chance to practice this on your canvas. Practice what you preach, girl. Go BIG..."

So I'm in the process of painting over this beautiful mandala that's been part of my life...letting go of perfectionism is hard, especially having a designer's mindset, where everything has a specific place, purpose and function.

As a mom (of now a toddler that pretty much rules my life with 24/7 hours of spontaneous wild-child energy), I've been practicing the art of detachment with a whole new set of eyes.

I *thought* that for many, MANY years that I embodied the gift of what it truly means to be laid back. I once had that gift of being ZEN (and like to think that I've still got it).

So in honoring 'what was' and inviting in 'what is becoming', I paint. In honor of a definition of what freedom looked like (externally) to what freedom REALLY means (internally), I am ready to go BIG.

To LET GO of what used to define me and open up to a life that is SO much bigger and meaningful than I have ever imagined.

I'm ready.

transformational creativity coach desiree east

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creativity Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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