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You want to THRIVE and live in the PRESENT MOMENT. You want to CREATE THE REALITY YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED through CREATIVE LIFESTYLE HABITS.You want to tap into that hidden, CREATIVE POTENTIAL that is ready to be UNLEASHED to the world. When your inner voice, your intuitive heart --- YOUR creative genius --- is nourished and pampered, you know you can create profound changes in your LIFE that is the art.

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creatively Fit Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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made with love...

mothers day illustration by desiree east

Brendon and I are a million miles away from home...How can we celebrate mother's day this year?

Usually, at this point in the game, you can find us elbow-to-elbow in the stationery store with other well-meaning daughters, sons, children, grandkids and husbands, trying to pick out just the right card for the women who have influenced our lives in every which way possible. Don't get me wrong --- I can get lost for hours looking at stationary. What I love the most --- if I have the time --- is figuring how to create something crafty and handmade. (If you don't know me by now, i'm a little bit of a stationary and gift wrap freak).

For the last few days, Brendon and I have both been wondering, "I wonder what everyone (Suzy, Lynne, Betty, Grandma Campbell, and all of the other Moms we love) is doing for Mother's Day this weekend...???" One thing is for sure: we will miss out on all of the delicious grub --- and spoiling you, of course (wink, wink).

So, this year (because, we are not home to shower everyone with gifts and flowers), here is a time-lapse video/illustration, made from the bottom of my heart. We may be halfway around the world, but we are thinking of you and send muchos, muchos besos...

This is dedicated to all of the wonderful moms my life, and especially to my beautiful mother, Suzy...


Produced and Illustrated by: Desirée East

Soundtrack: “Bonjour” by Fuji Kureta Used with permission under a CC-Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license: Fuji Kureta – Sweets EP

If you dig the tunes you heard, please support the artists and visit their site at:

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inspired by national geographic

quick whale illustration. by desiree east we don't have cable. we netflix. don't judge.

i do admit, though, i do miss the occasional reality drama. people are funny and fascinating. kinda like the jersey shore crew...(i mean, WOW).

but still, those fools have nothing on national geographic's series, 'great migrations' (cuz i'm a nerd like that).

my husband and i netflixed a couple of episodes of nat geo. then i got inspired.

media used: pen and ink {prismacolors: jad green, violet, rhodamine, apple green, aquamarine}

here are some fun facts about sperm whales - that's Physeter macrocephalus, for all of my fellow geeky naturalists and friends (yeah, i'm talkin' to you):

  • sperm whales don't really look like my cartoon illustration, but one thing they do have are very large brains (the largest brain of any animal)...hence, the exaggerated head.
  • their very large heads also hold the oily substance called 'spermaceti', once hunted for a variety of uses, such as cosmetics, machine oil, and candles.
  • sperm whales don't really float on the surface, as shown in the illustration above, unless they are 'logging' or floating, usually with their fluke (or tails) down (and again, it's a cartoon, so cut me some slack).
  • exposing their flukes, or 'lobtailing', may be an indication of going down for a dive or slapping the surface of the water to communicate with their pod.
  • sperm whales are one of the deepest diving mammals, holding their breath for up to 90 minutes while diving.
  • sperm whales eat about a ton of food per day, which consists of squid, octopus, and fish. soooo let's see...that's about equal to a volkswagon beetle. or maybe an elephant. or even a hippo!
  • the classic novel moby dick was based on the actual events of a sperm whale that sank the ship 'essex' in the early 1800's.
  • yes, for all of my local peeps, sperm whale have been sighted in the santa barbara channel, near channel islands national park.
  • the females and their calves usually travel in pods (yep, just like the illustration above with the mama and her bebe), and the males usually travel solo or move from group to group (because we all know how much guys like their freeeeeeedom).

(oh, i know! how un-scientific of me - personifying whales and turning them into cartoons!)

but whatevs, it's all in good fun...i hope you enjoyed my lil' illustration and learned something new!

the sketchbook project world tour 2012: are you participating?

Curious minds want to know...are you participating in Arthouse Co-op's Sketchbook Project for 2012? If so, what theme did you pick (and we should definitely connect, I would love to see your work!)

Want to participate? Well then, chop-chop, what are you waiting for?

Sign up by October 31st, 2011

Postmark your book by January 31st, 2011

International Tour starts April 2012

Get all the juicy details here: The Sketchbook Project World Tour 2012


(It was a tough choice, but I think I'm digging 'monochromatic'...)

what would michelangelo do?

So I spent the afternoon looking for a new sketchbook...geeeeez, do you know how hard it is to find the 'perfect' sketchbook for all occasions? I've been searching for days on end, scouring shelves and shelves stacked with an endless variety of sketchbooks. You'd think I'd find something. And it's also kind of silly, considering I've already more than one sketchbook (although, they do serve different purposes):

  • one intimate bedside/dream journal for end-of-the-day reflections and rants and for quick morning sketches of ethereal dreams remembered upon waking
  • a medium-sized sketchbook for lesson planning/prepping for art classes and other random design projects
  • a perfectly-petite travel/pocket sketchbook to catch random creative spurts that stream out of my brain case. You can find it laying around in random places, like on the coffee table, on the kitchen table, in the office...(not the bathroom, though).
  • and then there's the random loose-leaf sketches: perhaps on a scratch piece of paper; on a crinkled napkin, or two; or from a spiral-torn, colleged-ruled notebook. All, of course, loosely stuffed into any of the above-mentioned journals...

i need a new art journal

So...I'm coming near the end of a couple of my sketchbooks, and I'm looking for an all-in-one. Something that can take a variety of mediums. If you can hear my thought process while shopping for one, you'd think that I am crazy...
"I like this one, but it's not the right paper..."
"This one is nice, but the binding kind of sucks..."
"Oh, cute, and acid-free. Too bad I'm not into puppy dogs and ice cream..."
"Perfect paper, but only 25 sheets? and for $25 bucks?..."
"Look! Eco-friendly, but cheap spiral binding..."
"Oooo, perfect everything, but causes cancer and reproductive harm? Crap!"
"Too big..."
"Too small..."
I know, ridiculous, right? I mean, what did the great master artists do? They didn't have the endless choices that we have today. I feel spoiled. I mean, can you imagine Michelangelo going through this process? (Now, that would be funny). When it comes to picking out a new sketchbook, do you have a favorite that you always go back to? Canson, Strathmore, Moleskine????? Feel free to share your thoughts...!/DesireeEast/status/58920298472415232

transformational creativity coach desiree east

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creativity Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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