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You want to THRIVE and live in the PRESENT MOMENT. You want to CREATE THE REALITY YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED through CREATIVE LIFESTYLE HABITS.You want to tap into that hidden, CREATIVE POTENTIAL that is ready to be UNLEASHED to the world. When your inner voice, your intuitive heart --- YOUR creative genius --- is nourished and pampered, you know you can create profound changes in your LIFE that is the art.

Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creatively Fit Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 


Transformational Life + Business Coaching sessions for Creative Professionals at the Mastery Level.

Gain deeper clarity with your life + soul's purpose while taking aligned action toward success. These private coaching sessions are done via telephone or online.

New clients may schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session to find out if we are the right fit.  

creativity coaching with desiree east

dearest creative soul,

If you're reading this you've probably been very successful in the past and have made a unique mark in the world. You've always been very creative and enjoy playing in the unknown, dancing with the mysteries of life.

And as an artist (you might even identify as an empath), you've always been able to connect to the energies of people, situations, and your surrounding environment.

Because of this, the dark side of being a creative is that you might not always feel productive.

You're always waiting for that creative spark to motivate you. And when your muse doesn’t show up to play, every moment that passes starts to feel as if you're slacking off.

And doubt starts to creep in.

As a creative, you often times might feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by all of the brilliant ideas pouring out of your mind. SO many ideas. And they are all SO good…

Yet, thoughts of rejection, failure, and perfectionism stop you from moving forward and you find yourself asking:

"How do I find clarity?" or "Where do I even begin?" or “How am I going to do this on my own?”

If this feels like you, read on…

What I do is what I believe, and what I believe is that we can all create change.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities. And what helps us to create an amazing life is being insanely curious and being open to our creative wisdom.

Our intuition.

The brave and courageous parts of us.

As creatives, it’s important for us to know that the work we put out to the world is meaningful.

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Artist to artist, heART to heART, I’ve got skin the game, and I would love nothing more than for you to succeed, because when you succeed, that means we have more CREATIVE GOODNESS in the world.

More than ever in history, we need more of YOUR magical goodness to bring inspiration and change to our planet.

I've got a track record of success with 20+ years of leadership experience as an educator and nearly 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, eventually growing my first business to six-figures.

As a creative professional, I'm multi-passionate and an expert at reinventing myself. I was inspired to start this second business, weaving the art of creative rituals and transformational coaching for creative professionals, just like you, that desire more creativity + financial flow in their lives.

Underneath all of that, I'm great at pausing, listening, and seeing the greatness and potential in people.

Having both qualities as an intuitive empath and strong leader, I'm able to connect with people compassionately in a deep, meaningful way and also allow room for expansive growth (personal, professional, and spiritual) in an encouraging way.

I’ve had experience coaching a variety of Creative Souls, which include, designers, visual artists, performing artists, writers, professors, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and innovators, such as:

painters, illustrators, yogis, speakers, screen writers, novelists, ceramists, energy healers, acupuncturists, poets, actresses, filmmakers, producers, financial consultants, business coaches, life coaches, authors, wellness coaches, tarot readers, jewelry designers, interior designers, college students, holistic coaches, scientists, and therapists…

And they have experienced:

  • clarity

  • purpose

  • meaning

  • freedom

  • release from creative blocks

  • cleansing of emotional blocks

  • grounding

  • inspiration

  • confidence

  • productivity

  • fulfillment

  • self-compassion

  • presence

  • ease

  • creative flow

  • passion

  • permission

  • hope

  • and alignment with major life and career transitions.

As you can see, the work we do together goes beyond painting at the canvas. You have an inherent birthright to creativity and a right to livelihood, and now is the time to TRUST yourself and your true potential as a creative human being.

If you've read this far and you trust yourself, then you'll know you're ready to RE-CREATE your life or your business. We'll take either of them to the next level. You'll know that it's time for you and I to have a conversation. See you on the inside.

With Love + Creative Bliss,



creative habits and creativity coaching

Left Brain sTUFF: Strategy + Aligned Action

In order to move forward, not only do you need a map, you need to know where you are standing so that you know what course to take. Aligned action steps move you closer to your goals and desires. You could be the artist that is organized and goal-oriented, while making income and being in alignment with your right livelihood.  

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Right Brain sTUFF: Creative Flow + Clarity

Being a creative comes with the paradox of having a plethora of ideas and then having to decide on which idea to execute, (and then, staying on task with that one thing). As creatives, we often times get stuck in the decision-making process, because of all of the brilliant ideas we get to choose from. So where do we go from there? Connect with your creative, intuitive wisdom to gain clarity around your higher purpose and get back on track.

Creative Rituals + Abundance Mindset

Action starts with the right mindset. To get in the correct head-space from the start, we create lasting change in belief, behavior, and identity, by creating new neuropathways in the brain, through experiential learning. You will gain the emotional and behavioral flexibility that will help you experience more freedom and choice for the rest of your life. Small habit-changes, daily rituals, and clearing emotional blocks will support your body, mind and soul and create space for growth and expansion.

creativity coaching with artist desiree east

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Desiree East is a Soulful Entrepreneur, Certified Master Transformational Coach, Creativity Coach and Visual Artist. Desiree facilitates live creative workshops and retreats, as well as, online art programs focused on personal and professional development. She inspires her clients to create meaningful change in their lives through creative ritual, using art-making as a modality for creative wellness and deep transformation (no art experience required). 

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